Design, Whimsy and Snacks: The Architect’s Wife Now Open in Bozeman

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I’m loving interior designer Abby Hetherington’s recently opened design studio and showroom, The Architect’s Wife. She renovated and set up shop at the vintage Montana Motors garage off of Babcock street in Bozeman.

A thoughtfully curated interiors and lifestyle store, Abby and her team feature contemporary furniture, luxurious home lighting, as well as unique finds and accessories; even the most distinguished shoppers are sure to discover extraordinary pieces for the home. You can purchase items right off the floor or use the extensive fabric, flooring, and wall-covering library for special orders. The team is friendly, creative and knowledgable. I love stopping in and having them show me the latest design treasures and the stories behind them.

And the snacks. Did I mention the snacks? The peanut butter-filled pretzels call my name every time I visit. (As do the flaming hot cheese balls, which of course I would NEVER admit to.)

See Abby’s design projects and website here.

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15 Years of Portraits: Walking Memory Lane with Acclaimed Jazz Vocalist Jeni Fleming

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One of the joys of working in photography is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing subjects who through the introduction and process become friends. Over a period of months then years, relationships grow as do the laughs, tears, hugs and stories. The great memories multiply.

It’s a gift to look back through stacks of images, a reminder of how precious and wonderful life and friends really are.

I’ve cherished a long and vibrant history with singer Jeni Fleming. We met as the 1990’s were fading to the millennium. Both young artists, we were embarking on the winding paths that would criss and cross over the years, spanning all sorts of personal and professional milestones.

Looking through my archive the other day, I decided to pop a few images over to her for the sake of tripping down Memory Lane.

Here’s what Jeni had to say:

Jenny Fleming pre 200025 _TUMBLR-2

“Our very first photo shoot together!  Wow, I look like a child, because…I was!

I think I was 26 in this picture. We did this shoot in Audrey’s dining room.

Funny to think how little we knew each other back then, could we have imagined that we’d become lifelong friends?

I’m trying to decide if I see something different in this early photo, something that says my trust in her developed over time, but I think that it was instantaneous which explains why it always boded well for us and our friendship.

When someone has witnessed your life, in all of its beautiful and ugly stages, for as long as Audrey has, its hard to imagine not knowing that person.  I think we’ll know each other forever.”

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